Soft ice cream

Soft ice cream (soft serve)  is a type of ice cream that is softer than regular ice creams as a result of air being introduced during freezing. Soft serve ice cream has been sold commercially since the late 1930s. A range of perfectly balanced bases in powder form which requires only adding milk to obtain a very creamy and tasteful soft ice-cream.

Soft serve contains air, introduced at the time of freezing. The air content, called overrun, can vary from 0% to 60% of the total volume of finished product. The amount of air alters the taste of the finished product. Product with low quantities of air has a heavy, icy taste and appears more yellow. Product with higher air content tastes creamier, smoother and lighter and appears whiter. The optimum quantity of air is determined by the other ingredients and individual taste.

Some forms of soft serve, like many other processed foods, have palm oil.

Fresh, delicious and practical, Soft  ice cream will never be the same with the Gelato Soft International by Rubicone.

RUBICONE offers a specific line for the production of a both good-looking and exquisite Soft ice cream.

Thanks to the perfect balance of the ingredients and to the artisanal procedures used, RUBICONE Soft ice cream is tasty, light and incredibly creamy, delicious in Italy and over the world.

In Vietnam, you can visit VUA KEM for testing all products with happy times.


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Since 1959, RUBICONE produces proudly in Italy semi-finished ingredients for Gelato.
Our motto is "Good taste in Italian Gelato" and it holds the Company's mission: to deliver the keys Gelato art in the world, offering
-          Easy to use semi-finished ingredients
-          Solutions for production needs of Gelato makers
Maybe you did not know, but RUBICONE created the FIRST BASES FOR GELATO and marked a real change in the field.
That's right!
In 50's Mr Giuliano Rasi, founder of RUBICONE, created the FIRST complete bases for the preparation of Italian Gelato.
What an idea (easy and revolutionary)! Immediately Gelato Makers become fanatic for Gelato Bases because at that time they could only count on Neutral powders.

A perfect recipe of TRADITION plus INNOVATION exporting worldwide.
Come to ITALY and visit us: we are in Cesena, the heart of Romagna region, located on a panoramic hill with a special view on the Adriatic sea
10 reasons to choose Rubicone
-          Italian production
-          Speak directly with technical staff to get a professional opinion on your project
-          We have a fast and flexible production
-          We check every incoming raw materials
-          Many our products have Kosher and Halal certifications
-          97% of our products are Gluten Free.
-          You can customize your recipes
-          We offer practical training at GELATO COLLEGE
-          We offer you advice on what equipment to buy
-          Export no problem! We provide veterinary certification and labeling for your market
Mission : Good taste in the world
RUBICONE is present in Five Continents: exports to Australia, China and the Far East, the Arab countries, the Mediterranean and Europe, Africa and Americas.
Supplies worldwide Gelato & FrozenYogurt stores and n. 8 food chains which use RUBICONE's ingredients for their franchise point of sales.
In line with international requirements
To align with foreign requirements the Company is ISO 9001 certified. Many products are Halal certificated for exporting in the Arab countries and also we have a lot of products with the Kosher certification dedicated to Jewish consumers.
Labels and documents ... no problem!
With its global spirit, RUBICONE has gained a high expertise on Food exportation: man and woman of Export department are trained in international labeling, documentation for customs, veterinary certificates and regulations on ingredients and allergens.
What Rubicone produce ?
-          GELATO BASES
-          CREMINI
-          FROZEN CREAMS
Smiling faces at your service
People are the real strength of the Company, especially the young people who represent the largest share of the team, with an average age of 37 years.
RUBICONE focuses on the sharing of corporate objectives among all employees, frequently organizes meetings to discuss the ongoing projects and future challenges to foster a spirit of cooperation and commitment.
We support the new generations with a program of internships, which in many cases has led young girls and boys to be included in the company after a period of training.